Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Qwest Changes Wholesale DSL Program

Announcement Date: October 19, 2010

Effective Date: October 19, 2010

Document Number: PROD.MISC.10.19.10.F.08411.QBR_Agreements

Notification Category: Product/Contract Notification

Target Audience: CLEC Customers

Subject: Contract Termination Notice of Qwest Broadband For Resale(r) (QBR(r)) Agreements

Product Announcement of New Qwest Broadband For Resale 2011TM (QBR 2011 TM)

Qwest is pleased to announce the pending expansion of broadband capabilities allowing CLECs to market Qwest high speed internet services with Ethernet-based infrastructure. As a result, your existing month to month QBR Agreement will be replaced with a new two-year QBR 2011 Agreement.

This notice serves as written notification of Qwest's intent to terminate your existing month to month QBR Agreement effective January 18, 2011.

With a launch date targeted for early November 2010, the new QBR 2011 Agreement greatly expands your ability to provide broadband services over a voice line or on a standalone basis to your end users.

Key Highlights:

Contract term through December 2012

Restructured and improved discount rates

Continued access to existing ATM-based services, where available

Expanded access to include Ethernet-based infrastructure, where available

Speeds up to 12Mbps downstream and 5Mpbs upstream

Utilization of Qwest internet access

Option to purchase Qwest-provided modems

Availability of Qwest technician installation

Use of existing ordering and loop qualification tools

Whether your customer's needs are met with existing ADSL/ATM service with third party ISP or increased flexibility and speed that includes Qwest's internet access, the new QBR 2011 Agreement provides you with great new discounts.

Additional product terms, conditions, discounts and contract template information will be announced as it becomes available.

From Qwest

Qwest appreciates your continued business and looks forward to serving you and your end user through this new contract timeline.

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