Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hatteras EoC to 100

Hatteras has some new gear out for EoC (Ethernet over Copper). It still uses G.SHDSL.bis, but it is reported to do 100MB x 100MB on copper at a few hundred feet on 8 pair.

The gear (like the HN604) must be back-to-back to get the higher rates. If you are interested in higher rates, Hatteras suggests the 418G. It is an upgraded 400 series with an optical GigE hand-off. It will support 8 pairs at the higher rates and must connect to a 6100 or other 418G.

There is a 418 box with a 100BFx SFP port and now there is a 418G with a Gig SFP port.

The 604s support 128TCPAM so you can do up to 15.3M at very close distances. (At 1000 feet, 8 pairs times 15.3MB is over 100MB!) It can do 5.7Mb/s at 5000 ft and beyond just like our 400 series. There is a rate/reach curve associated with it. The 604s also support circuit emulating up to 4 T1s for back-haul along with Ethernet data using a proprietary transport technology called PWE+ which has extremely low latency.

Actelis also has a "up to 15Mbps" EFM product now. There's still a lot left to copper within 10,000 feet of the CO. You just need to go DENSE and DEEP!

Integra Telecom has a preso about Ethernet on slideshare.

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