Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Treats From the News Stream

A few treats from my constant, over-flowing news stream.

Ruckus Wireless Selected by More Than 500 Schools to Supply Smarter Wi-Fi

Qwest sues Minnesota’s PUC over how much to charge rivals.

"Prevent Your ISP Routing Issues From Affecting Your VoIP Service from OnSIP.

You will likely argue with this article since DSL promotional pricing has dipped but "Why Isn't the Price of Broadband Obeying Moore's Law? The quality and cost of broadband Internet access haven't budged in years."

Bandwidth constraints not an issue for Tier 3 operators--at least not yet

AT&T Takes Facebook Beating After Announcing Wireless Upgrade

$4B cut from wireline spending by Ma & Pa Bell!

And from my TMC blog:

Neutral Tandem is buying Tinet.

When NJ audits it telecom bills, $3M per year in waste.

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