Tuesday, September 07, 2010

More on the Landline Biz

Following up on Extending the Landline Business, the landline business is diminishing. Cellular and VoIP is replacing switched lines. How can you increase revenue from copper plant?

Well, Gary Kim has a great write up about ITS, an ILEC that is using real value added services.

ITS Telecom now is trying to sell life solutions, not "voice lines." The point is that ITS Telecom now is attempting to turn its "features" into "end user applications" using language that is consumer centric, not "industry centric."

"The "Wake Up Call" application, which users can employ to send themselves reminders of appointments or errands..... The "Notification Hotline" app likewise takes a feature--the ability to distribute broadcast messages--and turn it into an end user application. Users can create customized calling lists they manage from a Web site." These are examples of apps from the Martin Group Enhanced Services Platform (ESP) (part of CHR Solutions). But you can provide these services different ways including using companies like Jott.

According to the Billing World article about ITS, there are other options for revenue streams: "We’re doing inside wiring, we’re a Direct TV Dealer, we sell computers, we’re looking at selling televisions, we are doing everything we can to take the customer base we have had for 50 years and utilize our trusted status with them to offer them more technology and more ways to use it,” Leslie said. "And we have found ourselves becoming the IT department to several small businesses in town.""

What possibilities do you see for your service business? Change isn't easy, but it is necessary.

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