Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Clearly Cbeyond Can

Clearwire and Cbeyond do a 4G deal; same as Clear and Best Buy. But one reporter has no idea who Cbeyond is! Interesting summary of what they say they deliver.

"In addition to hosted services, Cbeyond entered into an agreement with a CDMA provider to offer mobile voice, mobile data (via blackberry and android devices), as well as mobile broadband via 3G USB dongles and so forth as a true-to-life MVNO. Cbeyond has been very successful with this model; so much in fact that they have achieved over 30% penetration of mobile products into their client portfolio."

Data Backup, Wireless T1 redundancy, and Cloud based Automated Attendant are delivered along with email, voice, Internet, cellular, and hosted apps.

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