Monday, August 09, 2010

Are You Telling Stories?

  • We are Local.
  • It's our people.
  • We have great customer service.
  • We do it better than the ILEC.

Are these the stories you tell yourself? Are these the Value Propositions that you hope and pray win you business?

These are stories that you are supposed to be telling your marketplace, your community. If you don't tell these stories, how would anyone know? You tell these stories through marketing, which has gotten easier with social media.

Here are a bunch of Paradoxes:

  • You do it better than the ILEC, but mainly with their network and blame them when there's a problem or repair is slow or won't fix it.
  • You have great customer service, but you do it so well, they never call in (especially your long time dial-up and DSL customers). You end up a line item that they see on the credit card statement so they shop it, due to your lack of communications -- even an annual thank you card!
  • Your people are great, but most customers don't get to interface with them or know what they do. Why don't you tell them? A newsletter would be the ideal way to introduce your people to your customers and prospects.

It's time that you stopped telling yourself these stories and started telling your marketplace and community.

Of course, call the office if you need help.

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Unknown said...

Sometimes it is the little things that can make a big difference.