Monday, May 24, 2010

Wireless News Update

I'm sure this will be a comfort to Wireless companies:

COMPTEL Continues its Support for Using White Spaces for Point-to-Point Wireless Backhaul Services

In a filing last week, COMPTEL, in conjunction with FiberTower Corp., Sprint Nextel Corp., and the Rural Telecommunications Group Inc. continued their support for fixed licensed point-to-point use of a portion of the vacant TV bands white spaces channels to provide dramatically more cost-effective backhaul options. This coalition is encouraging the FCC to allow licensing for fixed use on UHF TV Channels 21-35 and 39-51 of up to six vacant white spaces channels second or greater adjacent to a TV broadcast station in rural counties; and any vacant white spaces channels third or greater adjacent to a TV broadcast station in all counties.

PC World states that the FCC "has adopted rules that would allow mobile broadband providers to offer services on a 25MHz band of spectrum [in the 2.3 GHz band] that's been controversial because of interference concerns from satellite radio provider Sirius XM Radio and other users of nearby spectrum.... The FCC voted to amend the Wireless Communications Service (WCS) spectrum rules to include mobile broadband uses, in addition to fixed wireless services previously permitted. The commission's action to free up the WCS spectrum for mobile broadband use is the first step in the FCC's plan to find 500MHz of spectrum for mobile broadband over the next 10 years, a goal outlined in the agency's national broadband plan released in March."

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