Monday, April 19, 2010

Couple of Software Ideas

I saw this for a CRM solution integrated with Google Apps. "Smartsheet + Google = CRM happiness" - If you are in the market for a CRM, you might want to look here.

Billing Software is a bane. It is wildly expensive for most BSS systems. Even XO is experiencing issues with BSS these days as this article from VON and BOSS World document.

"XO Communications tracks every transaction (text message, e-mail, etc.) made by its customers, which are mostly small and medium businesses. Nonetheless, as the industry has skyrocketed in complexity, the carrier found itself in a long-distance profitability crisis borne out of legacy data analytic software that made it impossible to keep up with rate changes."

XO realized that it needed a modern Data Analytics System. XO settled on a box from Netezza.

"Unlike the AT&Ts of the world, XO still pays 40 cents per dollar for last-mile access." OUCH!

"We’re an interesting business," Rob Geller, CIO at XO continued. "We’ve transformed in a couple of ways over the last two or three years, going from relying on a traditional voice business to carrying 95 percent VoIP and data. But we need to sell it correctly and route it correctly and then feed those records back into the system so we have an intelligent operational process."

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