Friday, March 26, 2010

Sales Management 101

The 90-minute seminar in Orlando about Sales Management went well. Feedback was good. The slides will only be available for about a week, so look at them now.

There was a 12-page workbook that you can purchase if you want a copy. (Just email me). The DVD will be available in the future.

One thing that I can provide your sales team is a weekly or monthly sales call whereby we review their activity; breakdown any lost sales; construct a script for objections; develop an individual sales plan for each salesperson.

In many cases, you the CEO and business owner are the best salesperson, but don't have anyone managing you. We could do sales coaching to allow you to get feedback, review your sales activities, and work on improvement. The real reason to do this is the accountability.

If you are interested in discussing these services, please call the office at (813) 963-5884 - or drop me an email.

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