Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Google's Other Apps

While at GROWCO this week, one of my clients mentioned that Jason Fried's 37Signals could be put out of business in a week if Google released Google Project. Maybe, maybe not. At least 100K of his 4M users are passionate about him and his company. And 100K is a good sized audience.

Back in the office today, I see that Google has an app store and has some cool add-ons.

GBRIDGE: Gbridge is a free software that lets you remotely control PCs, sync folders, share files, and chat securely and easily. An extention of Google's gtalk service, Gbridge automatically forms a collaborative, encrypted VPN (Virtual Private Network) that connects your computers and your friends' computers directly and securely. Gbridge has many unique features.

Google Docs now has an online hard drive option. Free online storage with Google Docs. For mobility I think the Online Hard Drive and VPN access are essential. But it needs to be stupid easy. Anyone remember X-Drive that put an icon on your desktop? Dropbox is similar for file-sharing.

Are you offering Hosted Email, Online Storage, SAAS?

Another add-on: Google Calendar’s Smart Rescheduler Searches For The Best Meeting Times. It came out of the Labs. There's also a site called Doodle for help with scheduling meetings.

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