Monday, February 22, 2010

Who's Got IPv6?

I have received a couple requests around IPv6 in the last month. So here's a list of carriers who offer IPv6 transit (IPv6 internet backbone, IPV6 internet bandwidth, IPV6 DIA).

The freshest article I can find is from PCWorld April 2008.

There's even an IPv4/IPv6 BGP Looking Glass here.

  • NTT/Verio is all IPv6.
  • Hurricane Electric ( is selling IPv6 on GigE ports for under $2K
  • VZ/VZB used to be UUNET and MCI AS12702 <-- test bed
  • Tata is an international carrier that is IPV6.
  • Limelight is blending IPv6 into its CDN.
  • Level3 AS3356 --L3 carries Lambda Net traffic and Internet2 so has to be IPv6 capable.
  • Sprint - AS6175 is the testbed, which is "ready to provide native, dual-stack IPv6 services on SprintLink."
  • Global Crossing AS3549
  • XO is selling IPv6.
  • Host.Net/WV Fiber
  • Above.Net
  • Qwest - operates a native IPv6 network (OC-3) separate from IPv4 network. Qwest is the backbone for Abilene/I2, which is IPv6.

AT&T - not that I can find; although to sell to the federal government, especially the Dept. of Defense, you must offer IPv6.

There may be others - see CyberTelecom - let me know. (Leave a comment).

BTW, call the office - 813-963-5884 - for a bandwidth quote - IPv4 or IPv6.


Palermo said...

Good Stuff, thanks.

WKH said...

TiNet has IPv6 readily available.