Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Engaging Customers Through Email Tips

While we offer a package to help you with content for your email newsletter, the most important part of the email marketing is the Headline. Calling it ISP.com February Newsletter is not that exciting. But "1 Easy Way to Prevent data loss" is. So is "5 Minutes to Protect Your Digital Photo Albums".

Aweber has 6 ways companies are using email marketing to engage their customers here.

Surveys is a good one because you want to get Feedback.

Contests is another good one.

p>Educational seminars also works. (Headline: 5 Tricks with that Digital Camera). They also position you as the expert.

Freebies is the new marketing strategy. Freemium actually -- give away one version but sell an advanced version. Another schema like this is the trial period. You can try it for 30 or 90 days.

Refer-a-friend contest would also work if the messaging was clear and concise. And the reward was worth it. Example: If you refer the most customers to us in 2Q2010, you get a dinner for 4 at [local restaurant who is co-promoting with you].

Just some ideas to get creative following up with clients because they are easier to sell to (upsell and cross-sell services to people you are already billing!) and can be your best salespeople.

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