Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Grow Millions Club

One thing I have done time and again is to connect people. In metro areas, I have introduced many of my clients to each other. Usually this leads to either consolidation or cooperation.

The reason I push for people to attend events is because it is an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone, your daily routine, to meet others in the industry, connect, share ideas, and learn from each other.

Where else can you get that?

Why do you think that HP, Cisco, ConnectWise all have partner conferences? One reason is to market their message, but the other reason is to let them share best practices.

Clients have come to me that want to be in a Master Mind Group. A group of 4-6 executives of MSP/ISP/CLEC/VoIP companies that will get together monthly on a call for 90 minutes - and get together quarterly in person.

The Agenda? It's really up to the group. We will take a survey to provide the best value to the participants. In other mastermind groups, I have followed the practice that you should celebrate a win, dissect a loss, and challenge yourself till the next meeting. (More detail is here.)

Are looking to be one of the select few to join this mindshare from across the nation? It's like having a confidential Board of Advisors. This isn't BNI. This is the best minds in the country coming together to bolster one another as each of you build your company to new heights while leveraging the knowledge and support of the group members.

Does this sound like something you are interested in? Then call the RAD-INFO, Inc. office to apply at 813-963-5884.

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