Friday, February 19, 2010

Are You Late to the back-up Space?

I have been railing for years about adding backup service / data storage service to your service portfolio. Not many took me up on that. Here's what some companies presented this week.

Integra Telecom Unveils Online Data Storage for Growing Businesses. "The online data storage solution utilizes File Transfer Protocol or FTP technology enabling customers to upload files to Integra's secure data centers where the information is backed-up every four hours." [TMC]

Wiindstream is also offering an online backup and file sharing service designed especially for residential and small business customers, powered by Radialpoint. [TMC]

Comcast Launches Online Backup Service - Created by Moxy (who offers the same service for less money?) [DLSR]

We live in an age of disposable computers and so much data is digital. Where's the document management systems? The paperless systems? What a story to tell about being Green!

Backup is about piece of mind, but it's also about showing what a data expert you are. Secure, reliable, redundant back-up means you know what you are doing and you take data seriously. It's not just a dumb pipe.

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