Monday, January 18, 2010

Is Your Inbox In Trouble?

I have inbox overload. I have too many email addresses. I'm on way too many listservs. The email from social network sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook only add to the inbox hassle.

I tried Xobni once. It slowed my Outlook to a crawl.

A friend of mine is using Boxbe. "Boxbe filters and prioritizes your email to reduce email overload. With an organized inbox, Boxbe makes it faster and easier to view, answer and send email. Boxbe is no-charge and integrates directly with Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Google Apps and AOL Mail." I'm going to try it.

Any other apps that might help?


Eric said...

Not to be flip, but try Xobni again. They spent the last year working on the performance problems. I run it on my fairly modern desktop at work and don't notice a slowdown. I do notice a dramatic increase in productivity though - I'm a big fan of the application.

Peter Radizeski said...

Maybe ClearContext v5 or v6 at

Anup Nair said...

Prioritization is a good way to be get things done and to stay on top of your email. I would advice you to have a look at a outlook addin called Nubli (, they handle prioritization quite well