Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Telco Managed Services

In a blog post about Marketing Managed Services, smbITpros wrote that they have seen VZ advertising some, but that Ma Bell is kicking it to a new gear in advertising managed services.

"AT&T was by far and away the largest advertiser of computer support services for several of the highest volume keywords I researched."

First, Pa Bell (VZ) targets Fortune 1000 accounts with ManServ. Hosted ERP is not for your average "enterprise" account. Neither is CDN services. In other words, Pa Bell is not chasing your bread and butter.

Ma Bell has been in and out of managed services for years. Why? Because of performance - selling and delivering. They have partnered with EDS, IBM and others, but have trouble selling it.

If your buyer has an iPhone, do you think he is going to buy other (more complex and dire) services from Ma Bell? If he is happy with the performance maybe. If he isn't, then likely not.

Seth blogged about why small business gets business: easy to deal with; customer knows who they are dealing with. Use that.

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