Monday, August 03, 2009

People Don't Buy Tech

People don't buy technology. They buy the people selling the technology.

MarketingProfs wrote about this recently. Don't get caught up talking about features and the technology. It's about what you can deliver and will deliver that will make their business better. In other words, they are buying into the fact that you can make the technology work for them without them knowing its there. Like a mechanic or an electrician.

This blog writes about how important this concept is for SAAS vendors. Why? Because business owners want to outsource all this stuff so they can stop worrying about it and it will just work!

"This is why customer service is such a critical component of a great technology startup. I don’t care how cool your application is… when you start telling your customers what you can’t help them with, don’t expect them to sign a renewal (nevermind an upsell!)."

Explain what it will do and how dependable, reliable, etc. it is, then slide the contract over, and smile.

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