Monday, August 03, 2009

Marketing Monday

What's the difference between Marketing and Selling?

Come find out in Atlanta on Oct. 1 at the FISPA Meeting. I'm have a 2-hour interactive training session on both Sales techniques and Guerrilla type Marketing.

This article begins to explain it.

"Marketing is the first part of the overall sales process. The purpose of marketing is to attract attention and if done correctly result in a potential customer (prospect) calling you. Selling is the second part of the sales process when you know you have a potential customer who has at least two of the four qualifying criteria. In many cases, marketing and selling almost appear seamless and this may help to explain the confusion."

Marketing is about telling a relevant and engaging story about what your service can do for people. Selling is about taking the interest generated by that story and closing the sale.

Billy Mays was probably the best pitchman in the business. Why? Because he could tell a story, get you to want the product bad enough to call right then. All with a 2-minute pitch!

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