Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Deep Discounting

Yesterday I shared that Ma Bell is discounting against TWT deals, but that isn't all. Ma Bell's new FTTx bundles are being discounted to gain traction against cable competitors.

Also, cable companies are now targeting business customers in top MSA's. In Tampa, Bright House is chasing after up to 8 lines of business phone service. That's against VZ FiOS service in some cases, CLEC's and VoIP Providers in other cases.

This in my email this morning: "Comcast is selling 10Mb with a bunch of phone lines to businesses here for a couple hundred dollars. Compete with that."

Well, first, I would say: "Marketing is how value is created, commuted, and communicated from a firm or person to a customer." Then I would say get up to Atlanta on Sept. 30 and take my seminar on How to Create a marketing Plan.

Next, I would say that you have to create a tempting bundle as well - just a different one. All the services you can partner with: Google Apps, Hosted Exchange, Backup, Storage, Security, Redundancy, DR/BC, Desktop Support, and so much more. How about a Pick 6 bundle? Let them create their own bundle!

Ivona is offering its text to speech product as a hosted service.

Also, XO and Ifbyphone allow you to offer a Hosted IVR solution.

You can sell Private Cloud or Storage via Amazon Web Services.

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