Monday, May 04, 2009

Outsourced Tech Support

I have spoken about the fact that VZ offers tech support for $10 per month. It's mainly profit since they were answering these tech support calls anyway. Now they can charge for it - Recurring.

Now you can too! And outsource it. Two companies.

iYogi has Microsoft Certified Technicians (I was wondering where all those MCSE's went). The iYogi Annual Plan in Just $139.99, which is more than $10 per month.

I spoke about iTech for outsourced backup service, but iTech offers Managed IT services also. You can resell them. That means margin without staffing up.

Also CleanMachine (and others) allow you to sell outsourced desktop support.


Here are 99 ways to make your computer faster.

Here are a couple of sources about why Managed IT is so big today. (Besides the budgetary reasons).

"You just can't walk into a CIO's office anymore with a pitch to upgrade their infrastructure," says Steve McCutcheon, vice president of marketing for MXLogic. "But what partners can say is, 'We have a new, efficient way to address many of the pain points you face while reducing your total IT spend.'" [channelinsider]

"About 48 percent of resellers said they now lead with managed services on new sales calls, followed by consulting (34 percent), hardware (12 percent), and software (6 percent), according to MX Logic. [Gary Kim]

Today, many businesses know that they need Internet Access, a website, online marketing, PC's, cell phones, a phone system, etc. Most small business owners cannot distinguish between IT, telecom, softwrae and hardware. All the same pain point. Manage IT ALL and stop the finger pointing. Or stop losing business because you didn't explain your own value proposition correctly. If the client is having Application issues, how long until you get blamed for it or replaced?

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