Monday, May 04, 2009

BTOP Linky Links

BTOP is the NTIA Broadband Grant program (you know, Broadband Stimulus). Here are the latest links to BTOP and Broadband Stimulus money:

  • On the BTOP page there is a new link available. On the left side of the page, we now have the ability to look at all the public comments submitted to the NTIA. If you submitted a comment, you can verify that it was received. [occam]
  • Cable, wireless and satellite broadband providers are preparing for a summer of policy making, grant reviews & broadband investment.
  • Mary Campanola of the RUS suggests that you have about 30 days to prepare for the initial Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) which will last approximately 60 days.
  • Juan Vela: Know your competitors, anticipate their moves & offer a compelling story as part of the application process. [occam]
  • Broadband Funding Hopefuls Pair Up - NRTC and DigitalBridge - in Search of Stimulus Dollars - Digits - WSJ

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