Monday, February 09, 2009

Qwest Personal Digital Vault

According to Telephony mag, Qwest has starting offering online backup storage.

the Digital Vault service is free to Qwest’s high-speed Internet subscribers storing up to 2 gigabytes’ worth of encrypted files, including photos and video, which users can access from anywhere via broadband by entering a user name and password (Mobile access is currently not an option, however.).

Online storage, managed router/firewall/device, email archiving, technical support, document management -- these are all things that the Independent ISP should have been at the forefront of providing. Instead, the Industry (for the most part) has paddled along in the access only market until now the RBOC's - VZ, ATT, Qwest and even Embarq - are looking like Internet Innovators. Worse, they are becoming the go-to company for anything Internet/Web connected. 2009 is the year you need to get ahead of the wave folks. Partners will help you add revenue streams as well as stickiness and get you the reputation for being the "Expert" (but you will have to relinquish your control issues).

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