Tuesday, February 10, 2009

MagicJack Exposed

It seems like there is a lot of info coming out about MagicJack. One of their head honchos was at IT Expo East on a panel. He does not give off a warm and fuzzy feeling. I expected him to break out laughing at any minute for the number of people he has duped. It is reported that MJ infomercials pull in 7000 sales per day. Unfortunately, consumers forget that you get what you pay for.

The Magic Jack TOS (Terms of Service) can be found online. So can the MJ Privacy Policy . (It's a must read.)

MJ offers a limited 911 service, according to the TOS, which is funny since the parent company, YMAX, is a CLEC. And the honcho was talking about the GSM chip in the device that allows for triangulation of location.

The other issue is tech support. The honcho wouldn't tell Thomas Howe the customer support number when asked. He said it was on the credit card statement. They want all support to be chat -- but what if your PC is messed up due to a USB device installation??

Targeted ads, too much access to my PC, low call quality, and just too much cheesiness.

If you want to read the highlights of what people are saying about MagicJack, go here and there and specifically here.

And if you need help with Uninstall, try here.

Nothing in life is free. It is this very mentality that has led to the economic collapse.

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