Tuesday, February 10, 2009

DSL Prime Numbers

The latest issue of DSL Prime had a great story:

U.S. DOCSIS 3.0: 10% Today, 50+% 2010, 80% Soon After

"65 million U.S homes will be able to get 50MB service DOCSIS 3.0 by 2010-2011, more than half the country. At least half of the remainder be covered in 2012-2013. 15 million are ready today: 10M at Comcast, and Cablevision is ready to turn on DOCSIS in a few months. The numbers and more at Fastnews.

That's without stimulus money or policy direction.

Telcos must respond and have the tools to do so. In Q3 10M homes added DSL. 250 million homes have DSL, paying the carriers $50B per year for the service. Growth will be slower for a great reason: 55-80% of families are already connected across the developed world. AT&T, Softbank and soon others will be adding tens of millions of femtocells for a very attractive combination of DSL + wireless. Despite all the issues, DSL will be the leading Internet connection for the next decade.

Outside of U-Verse territory, AT&T lost at least 27,000 DSL customers... Cable is continuing to pull ahead, although DOCSIS 3.0 is just starting to appear....U-Verse added 264K customers Q4 to pass 1 million. Ma Bell now includes 121K 3G LaptopConnect wireless cards.

AT&T is losing 10% of landlines each year, and is already down something like 30%. Over 5-15 years that will turn the wireline network into a shell. ... they are moving to become the all wireless company... now ordering Femtocells.

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