Monday, January 12, 2009

2 Step Process to Better Sales

I know, again with the sales. But its the driver for your business survival for without sales, you don't get more revenue. And from what I am hearing, many of you are losing customers to bankruptcy and business closings.

So here's a 2 Step Process to Better Sales

Step 1 is to read IDC's Top 10 Tech Sales Predictions for 2009.

  1. "Companies that blame their lack of sales on the economy will fail by mid-2010."
  2. "If you remain confident and customer-focused, understand the impact of the economy on your customers and strategize to serve them accordingly, you will be well positioned to thrive in 2010 and beyond."
  3. "Continued support of customers during the downturn will earn loyalty (build relationship capital) when the turnaround comes."

Which brings us to the next article: Jumpstart Your Marketing for 2009. Surprisedly, he says the same thing I have been saying for years: "Pick FIVE of your best customers: Call all of them, thank them for their business ..." Do that now, I'll wait..

"Send a hand-written and addressed thank you note."

This is a lot of work, but you need to work on customer retention in this economy as much as you are working on acquisition.

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