Friday, December 12, 2008

Embarq's Marketing Moves

Even though Embarq is being merged with CenturyTel, Embarq has been making some moves in marketing. One big thing is that Embarq created a social media campaign. WHoa! Web 2.0 from a wireline company.

iCrossing, a global digital marketing company, today announced the results of "48 Seconds," a branded YouTube channel ( and video submission contest to build awareness of EMBARQ's high speed Internet service while connecting with customers via social media channels. .... Based on the premise that 48 seconds is the amount of extra time it takes to download an average web page with dial-up Internet as opposed to EMBARQ high-speed internet, the contest encouraged people to post and share videos showing what they can do in that amount of time.

In other marketing moves, Embarq has elected to have Humans answer the phone. According to an Embarq press release:

"We're committed to providing the best possible service for our customers," said Bob Crawford, Director of Customer Satisfaction for EMBARQ. "Customer surveys show that consumers are dissatisfied with automated customer care, so we are conducting this trial to see if our customers agree." ... As part of a nationwide trial, the EMBARQ representatives answering the phone calls are located in the company's North Carolina office and not outsourced overseas. They will greet customers to find out their question or concern and then direct them to the appropriate person.

I can't believe someone had to do a survey to figure this out, but: "Yankee Group's Anywhere Consumer: 2007 US Communications/Customer Satisfaction Survey (July 2007) shows that the biggest frustration in dealing with companies is long hold times, confusing automated menus and being transferred too many times." Hmmmm.

In other Embarq news: "Embarq and Sprint Nextel retirees who sued the companies last year over reductions in their health and life insurance benefits can pursue their case, now that a federal judge has ruled that a class action can proceed."

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Unknown said...

Wow, I'm glad they are brave enough to 'test the waters' here with a trial of humans on the phone. Amazing concept!!