Friday, December 12, 2008

27 Ideas That Will Transform Every Organization

We live in uncertain times (if you believe the news - the same folks that told us everything was fine). Tom Peters has 27 Practical Ideas that will transform every Organization (if implemented).

  1. Learn to thrive in unstable times—our lot (and our opportunity) for the foreseeable future.
  2. Only putting people first wins in the long haul, good times and especially tough times. [Editor: Putting people first has a number of subset points from Tom Peters]
  3. MBWA = Managing By Wandering Around. Stay in touch!
  4. Call a customer today!
  5. Train! Train! Train! (Growing people outperform stagnant people in terms of attitude and output—by a wide margin.)
  6. Make "we care" the company motto — a moneymaker as well as a source of pride.
  7. Great Execution beats great strategy—99% of the time. (Make that 100% of the time.)
  8. EXCELLENCE. ALWAYS. (What else?)

Other points include Innovate, Try Stuff, The Little Things and more. Like my 50 Ideas, "The "obvious" may be obvious, but "getting the obvious done" is harder said than done."

Tom Peters also says get back to The Fundamentals.

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