Monday, November 24, 2008

10 Tips for Building a Profitable Biz

Brad Feld pointed out: "Ted Rheingold at Dogster has a great post up titled 10 Tips for Building a Profitable Business."

You have to run it like a business, not a hobby. Write a plan or some goals with dates, just so you have a sketch of a road map. Network with other business owners to learn best practices for Human resources, payroll, benefits, culture, etc.

#4 is about selling half the time. Jack Brandt and I often mention that selling is key. Make a couple of cold calls per day. Someone has to sell. And someone has to work ON the business, not just in it. If that isn't you, then get a partner.

Some of my advice:

Starting a Business Now by TechJournal South has some good advice - even for small businesses currently in biz. Like this:

Customers are examining every expense for ways to save, including asking eager entrepreneurs for price bids in order to replace current and expensive vendors.
An unfortunate reality of hard times is increased unemployment. But, for small business owners, this means more experienced talent is available in the marketplace, with more affordable salary requirements. [TJS]

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