Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Shout Out to A Friend

Just a quick shout out to Shahab Kaviani at HyperOffice. Apple just put them in the iPhone store. CONGRATS! HyperOffice is a collaboration suite like ZoHo. I met Shahab at the II4A ISP Expo in Tampa in December 2005. Good to see them doing well.

Speaking of iPhone dev. That's one of the things that we will be talking about at BarCampaTampaBay on Oct. 11. It might be a topic at BarCampNOLA in November.

One more iPhone mention: my client, FreedomVoice is beta testing its Newber app for the iPhone. It a location based app that allows you to transfer calls to any phone. [more at TMC]

As long as I am shouting out, I met Alex Muse of Layer1 fame the day after he had just done the demo for his 2 winner Android apps. The one I saw is called ShopSavvy. No way to see it since it's only on Gphones that T-Mobile has sold out! Guess I stay with Sprint a little longer.

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