Friday, October 03, 2008

In Atlanta with FISPA

I'm at the Annual meeting of FISPA in Atlanta. Arrived in time for a quick lunch before a 4 hour CLEC session. That's right 4 hours and 30+ folks discussed the CLEC business.

  • What equipment in the CO?
  • How do you collocate?
  • Why would you collocate?
  • What are the costs?
  • What can you do with your CLEC license, collocation and copper?
  • How do you access Remote Terminals?
  • What about SS7?
  • Can you access fiber - dark or lit?

One key point is that your ICA (inter-connect agreement) is mainly boiler-plate about access rates for TDM voice termination and origination. Your ICA is all about TDM Voice. It is not about getting access to EEL's or UNE's to deliver data/ IP. That is for copper pairs and Special Access circuits.

Hunt Brothers held a crawfish boil for 3+ hours after that. Then it was off to watch the VP debate, which ended up being folks debating politics, the mortgage problems, and bailouts.

This morning we huddled around to discuss grants, sales and marketing before the metting got back on track.

You should have been here!

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