Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ISP Support Poll

PC Mag has a poll on Tech Support by ISP's. VZ, Optimum, and ATT won.

Satellite service, represented only by HughesNet, again comes in with a paltry 5.4 for overall score, and the worst numbers for fees (3.2) and speed (4.5). People obviously don't feel as if they're getting what they pay for with the dish.

When nothing else is available, people will take Satellite - HughesNet, WIld Blue, or other - over dial-up, but they will complain anyway.

PC Mag also polled about VOIP Providers. Cablevision won again for OptimumVoice and Vonage is tops for cheap voice. Only about 1000 people voted in any category so it's not much of a sampling.

Are you polling your customers to see how YOU are doing?

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