Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dolly Sells DR

This is a reminder about BC/DR Planning.

Hurricane Dolly, a tropical cyclone that hit Southern Texas last week is a tragic reminder of the need to consider disaster recovery and business continuity planning.... The storm caused no deaths in Texas, but caused an estimated $1.2 billion dollars in damage and left thousands without power. Unfortunately, this storm was not an isolated incident. Dolly was the fourth tropical cyclone and second hurricane to form during the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season. To add even greater perspective, in 2007, there were 399 natural disasters impacting nearly 200 million people across the globe and with an economic impact of more than $60 billion dollars, according to the 2008 Edwards Disaster Recovery Directory. [phone+]

It is very difficult to sell Business Continuity Plans or Disaster Recovery. You have to have great questions, measure lost productivity, and put in the time with follow up, answers, case studies, and more questions. Another way to do it is to hold seminars about DR or BC. Bring in a Hurricane specialist, a data center, an Insurance adjuster, etc. You end up being th expert. The Chamber would probably help you. WISP's especially should be selling back-up broadband, redundancy, DR.

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