Wednesday, July 16, 2008

BackUp Idea from Iomega

Imagine selling an external hard drive for back-up storage and adding a Web 2.0 component. You don't have to, Iomega is now doing that.

Beginning today, those who purchase an Iomega eternal hard drive can choose a version of Retrospect Express, and will get 2GB of MozyHome online backup for free or unlimited Mozy backup for $4.95 a month. If you already own an Iomega drive and have downloaded Retrospect, you can upgrade to the latest version, free of charge. [pcmag via y!]

Backup is Peace of Mind, Insurance, and necessary. Unfortunately, like Insurance, it has to actually be sold. Are you selling it?

Speaking of Insurance:

You can purchase accident insurance that covers cracked laptop screens, find your own online backup system (or build one in-house), and pay separately for faster warranty response, of course. [pcworld via y!]

What a great idea!

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