Thursday, June 26, 2008

What the heck is AVOICS?

Ma Bell was pitching Wholesale VOIP at the FISPA meeting. From the feedback, no one had much of an idea what it was. From the ATT SP Newsletter:

"In this issue, we would like to introduce you to AT&T’s Voice Over IP Connect Service (AVOICS), our flagship voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) offer for U.S. service providers that require IP-based connectivity to AT&T’s global IP network for long distance call termination. AVOICS, along with the breadth of VoIP services that we offer, enables you to cost-effectively broaden your footprint and enhance your bandwidth through our robust MPLS-based network with the proven reliability and security you expect from a global networking leader..... AT&T Voice Over IP Connect Service (AVOICS) provides IP-based connectivity to AT&T's network for domestic and international VoIP call termination. AVOICS provides unbranded and unbundled transport and termination of your VoIP traffic.....also offering your end users access to unbranded Directory Assistance for the domestic U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico – a great value-added service available with AVOICS.....AVOICS may also provide long distance termination of “non-native” IP traffic, defined as traffic that originates as TDM, undergoes a protocol conversion to IP by the service provider, and is then transported as IP from the service provider to AT&T, albeit at a different rate then for “native” traffic."

If you are looking for SIP Termination, in many cases without a medium sized commit, you are better off getting Dedicated LD on a T1. It is TDM quality and it costs about 2 cpm. The quality is the real reason. The T1 can be expensive depending how far you are from the tandem, but so will the transport from either ATT or VZB. (For those of you looking at 2 cpm and scoffing, your 20,000 minutes isn't going to have a huge cost differential from 1.5 to 2.0. If that delta will sink your ship, you should already be looking for a bucket to bail water.

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