Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Total Buy In

Companies want to have big revenues. (Some without a worry about profit). Dan Caruso of Zayo Networks writes in his blog about Organizational Change. He is specifically talking about the culture at Envysion (a managed video SAAS company) that has to change for the company to get to the next level. It's probably the same with your company.

If you have been doing the same thing, year in, year out, you will get similar results. To get to the next level, you have to make changes. What kinds of changes?

Cultural. For companies with 50 and less employees, every employee is integral. One poisoned pill could does have a ripple effect. It lowers morale. It causes customer relationship issues (potentially sales). Carusa asks some specific questions which I am paraphrasing here:

The questions each team member needs to reflect on are:

  1. Are you passionate about your Company? If not, please move on.
  2. Do you understand why Your Company's approach is unique? If not, ask for a tutorial.
  3. Do you appreciate why our solution helps our customers improve their profitability? If not, talk to me.
  4. Do you buy-into the notion that this is a team effort? That increased revenues are needed in order to increase salaries?
  5. Do you realize that every time you touch the customer, it is a chance to enhance or destroy the relationship with that customer?

Does your whole team get this? If not, it's time for a Come To Jesus Meeting. (I'd be happy to run it for you).

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