Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Focus on Success

Here's some advice for you business owners out there:

“Several things going on at one time is a distraction to cash,” Loral Langemeier, wealth coach, author and millionaire. FOCUS!

I coached with Loral for a year (before she wrote her best sellers). If you want to achieve Success, there are things you can do to improve. Here are a few:

  1. Find a mentor. Someone who has achieved what you want.
  2. Don't take advice from people who do not have what you want. (Taking stock tips from the folks at the water cooler who have a net worth of a condo in Vegas is probably not going to help you. Choose who you take advice from carefully. Also, make sure your Financial Advisor has more money than you do.)
  3. You must be able to Market & Sell Effectively. That's the only way to gain revenue.
  4. Your business is not a Hobby, so don't treat it like one.
  5. Have a Plan and then Execute on that Plan.

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