Friday, June 20, 2008

This Week in the News

Lots of stuff going on, but I will just highlight it here:

Telcos ARE getting immunity for wiretapping for the NSA [isen]

In its battle with Cable, VZ violated CPNI rules big time. FCC may agree today. [usatoday]

MetroFi shuts off Portland and others [yahoo]

NebuAd just keeps getting into trouble. They need to re-think if all this negative publicity is worth it. In the eyes of the consumer, they are Evil. It's how the media has painted them - that and the fact that they invade everyone's privacy. [wired]

FCC approves Sirius-XM merger [forbes]

FCC Chair K-Mart under House Committee Investigation.... Finally! Someone slap that Harry Potter look-alike! [nationaljournal]


Unknown said...

Missed one:

This is a big chunk of change for hosting. Almost 4.5 times fiscal 2008 revenues.

Peter Radizeski said...

Actually, I mentioned that on my Listserv and didn't want to be repetitive.