Thursday, June 19, 2008

Satellite Broadband

For rural ISP's, satellite can be a good complement of services to sell. KYISPA has a deal with Wild Blue and at least 2 ISP's are happy with their experience. (My own experience with Wild Blue and its distributor system was less than stellar. I have 2 clients singing that same tune).

If you are selling Wireless Internet to the residential space, then satellite may be a good filler, so that you do not have to tell people you can not serve them. At least 2 WISP's I know install Wild Blue, DirecTV and DISH along with their own wireless service, so that the customer cuts the cord -- and he keeps his installers busy.

HughesNet is pushing their channel partnership. (Disclosure: I am a sub-agent able to sell Hughes). Phone+ has an article about Satellite Internet. There is a business model of selling Satellite Internet, TV and cell phone - a retail business, but it can be a living. The article starts out about SkyPort Global Communications, who is holding a webinar: Satellite Broadband Services: Better Margins - More Commission.

This is just an FYI to those of you in rural America.

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