Monday, May 26, 2008

Lowfat Lattes is High Touch

For those of you who skipped ISPCON (or were there but missed it), the keynote from Elliot Noss, CEO and President of Tucows, is available in audio and video on Tucows site. [thanks to Alex for pointing it out]

The main point of the keynote: High Touch. Huh? Well, I'm in technology but it has even outpaced me. Twitter and hundreds of other apps and widgets that I have not tried. I can't get the email to work on my Sprint PPC 6700. So when I have said that a Tech Concierge would payoff (here and here) (especially for you Resi ISP's), it wasn't that silly.

The PC today is more powerful than the IBM mainframe 3033 that I worked on at RPI freshman year. That computer had a team of professionals keeping it running day and night and was housed in an air conditioned special room. Do you see the disconnect?

Elliott talks about classes on Flickr and digital cameras. I mentioned Tupperware-like parties [here and here] to sell Tech gadgets and give classes numerous times over the years. To my knowledge none of my clients actually did it.

In Jan. 2006, I quoted a post from Jennifer Rice: ---> Convenience and Choice are things that people are willing to pay for.

If you solve someone's Pain, you can sell them service in the form of a Band-aid, Insurance, pain management, or a shot in the arm. Find the pain and you can make a sale.

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