Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Edge Finds its Voice

From Phone+ and the Channel Partner Expo:

Hosted IP communications provider Intelliverse and New Edge Networks have partnered to provide an integrated voice and data product that runs exclusively over a secure, private MPLS network.
The partnership establishes a direct connection between Intelliverse and New Edge, allowing users to bypass the public Internet and access secured VoIP directly though Intelliverse.
Now, the security and reliability that New Edge has built in its private networks for data extends to all voice traffic to and from Intelliverse, guaranteeing quality or private ultimate security of transmissions, according to the companies.
The product is available through Intelliverse’s callEverywhere Business voice service and New Edge’s national MPLS network.

I expect to see one or two more VoIP providers look to New Edge for transport. In addition, with all the cable companies at this show - Charter, Comcast and TW Cable - there may be opportunity there for Hosted PBX companies to get some transport. Need an introduction? Give me a shout at 813.963.5884.

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