Monday, February 04, 2008

Satellite Internet

Embarq just entered into agreement as a reseller of HughesNet Internet service. "HughesNet service has download speeds ranging from 700 Kb/s to 2Mb/s and a price range of $59.99 per month (USD) to $179.99 per month." [source] In case you don't want to call Embarq for satellite internet from HughesNet, you can call RAD-INFO, Inc. at 813-963-5884. (We are now a sub-agent).

Embarq wasn't the first. Ma Bell has a deal with Wild Blue to resell their service. KYISPA also is a reseller of Wild Blue Internet.

Satellite Internet is a great compliment to any Wireless ISP. Let's face it: You can't be every where. And you have installers, so why not offer DBS (satellite TV and Internet)? Cut the Customer Cable as often as possible.

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