Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Resi VoIP Idea

If you are selling Resi VoIP, why sell low-end? Why not take a page from the Vertu Racetrack Legend phone? "The phone also comes with a “magic key” that gives the user exclusive access to a global concierge service that can make reservations, book lodging, etc., around the clock and in several languages."

I can think of a couple of verticals, like the Dating Line that has disposable numbers, a party line, a chat room, a celebrity news hotline, and the like.

Concierge features would be easy to add, since Tim Ferriss lists tons of cheap virtual assistant (VA) sites, like Workaholics for Hire, Ask Sunday, ODesk, Get Friday (Your Man in India), Do My Stuff, Brickwork India, iFreelance and AssistU. The busy exec might not mind a phone that integrates with a VA to be valuable. The telcos make money on 411 and DA (directory assistance) do you? Even Google is in the game with 800-GOOG-411.

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