Monday, February 04, 2008

One More Thing to Think About: IPv6

Saunders writes that 2008 means companies will be converting to IPv6.

With just 14% of the IPv4 address pool remaining, there is some urgency to getting this started. The entire pool of addresses is expected to be exhausted by 2011.

A whole generation of consumer routers will become obsolete at some point as the requirement to maintain a public WAN address goes away.

Not to mention, a whole generation of business routers. Word is that Cisco is not going to make the EOL (end-of-line) routers upgradeable. We don't yet know which routers will be an easy upgrade. (Look here at Cisco's page). ISP-Planet has some tidbits about Cisco, Juniper and GX and IPv6. WV Fiber, Verio/NTT, Telia, Telefonica, Level3 (L3) and Global Crossing (GX) - are IPv6. SAVVIS, ATT, VZ, and others are working on it this year.

Even IPv6 on Vista isn't easy. Networld World explains.

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