Monday, February 04, 2008

2008 Bang!

DSL Reports has it right:

Looks like 2008 is starting off with a bang or two. First is the news that Motorola may spin off its wireless division, then we hear that Microsoft has finally made a serious move to acquire Yahoo. Not to mention the C-Block auction action. There's also the rumors of Sprint finally paying the piper for its Nextel blunder. Qwest and chip maker AMD also have rumors swirling around their possible demises.

Yep. A lot of changes already. (Not that last year didn't have many twists and turns as well. We started 2007 off with the ATT-BST merger. The minimum bid was hit for the C-block in the 700 MHz spectrum auction.


Sprint may see some significant changes this year. EarthLink too. (ELN just named Rolla as Chairman for his great job so far. Huh?!)

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