Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vonage Making Some Moves

from PCWorld/Yahoo news:

In addition to the new router, Vonage is beginning to roll out many new features that it is showcasing at For instance, customers can now use voice-activated dialing, simply speaking a name to place a call. Customers can also send a voice message to anyone via e-mail. The message arrives as an attached audio file. Call blast is a new feature that lets customers send out a voice mail simultaneously to a group of people. Citron anticipates that will be useful when he's in charge of calling 15 kids who go to school with his kids to tell them there is a snow day.
"We expect to roll out a new capability every month or two," Citron said.
Vonage also plans to offer another service that lets users access the voice recognition system from any phone to make a call through Vonage. The company is also testing software that would let customers make Vonage calls via software on their laptops.

Here's where it breaks down:

"Many of these services are free to Vonage customers."

The business model of Vonage isn't not sustainable at their current price point (ARPU).

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