Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Some Things Make No Cents

I started the new year with two pieces of news that made No Sense (and will result in No Cents). One was that VoIP Inc. received $2.5M in private placement. Two was that Lisa Hook is now President at NeuStar. HUH?!

Let me tackle VoIP Inc. first. Here is a company that many of my clients have experienced performance issues with. This company has been a state of flux since I was first introduced to them at a FISPA meeting in 2003. The C-Suite is always dancing and funding seems readily available. If they could just actually provide what they promise reliably, they might be able to get to cash flow. But that doesn't seem to be possible. [In fairness, VoIP Inc. isn't the only Origination/Termination provider that has given clients of mine fits - many, many others have as well. Here's the commercial: Having trouble with O/T? Call me. We can find you a back up provider or an alternative to fit your needs - and maybe even your pocketbook :) 813-963-5884 ] Next step for them is to start suing for patent infringement.

So now we get to the Lisa Hook story. Okay. How can you fail at AOL Broadband, take over SunRocket and drive it into oblivion, and still get a CEO gig at a company like NeuStar???? Hello?! Utterly amazing! (Now if she had taken over at VoIP Inc. - That would have made sense!)

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