Wednesday, January 02, 2008

BellSouth Removes Broadband

BellSouth (now called ATT Southeast) has removed DSL from the tariff per forbearance. (Read tariff notice here).

Previous material in this section has been de-tariffed pursuant to the Commission's Wireline Broadband Order in CC Docket Nos. 02-33 and 01-337, released September 23, 2005. Generally available terms and conditions (GATC) associated with the de-tariffed service is available at

Actually, if you do not already have a signed Commercial Agreement (CA) for DSL, then you cannot offer DSL thanks to forbearance at the FCC.

BTW, you should have received notice on or around Dec. 24, 2007, that other "Broadband" services were being de-tariffed in a letter titled "Notice of AT&T's Withdrawal of its Tariffs for Certain Broadband Services". The tariff withdrawal should be effective by Feb. 1.

"Once the tariff withdrawal is effective, the rates, terms and conditions for your broadband services that are now in AT&T's tariffs will be moved to the Interstate Guidebook, with the exception of Contract Tariffs."

"The broadband services referenced in this letter are the following types of optical and packet switched broadband transmission services provided by the AT&T operating companies: Frame Relay; ATM; Remote Network Access Service; Video Transmission Service; Optical Transport Service; Optical Networking Service; and Wave-Based Transport Service." This is pursuant to FCC WC Docket 06-125. DSL, dry (dark) fiber, BBG and EUA may not have been specifically named, but were implied.

"If you do not currently subscribe to a contractv tariff or tariff term plan for your broadband services, or if your current contract tariff or term plan expires without a successor, AT&T will provide your broadband services on a month-to-month basis under an agreement known as the Business Services Agreement for Broadband."

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