Monday, January 28, 2008

Ma Bell at over $10B per Month!

AT&T revenue was over $30 Billion for 4Q07. Telecomweb has the numbers:

  • 656,000 landlines disconnected
  • Profit for 4Q07: $3.14 billion
  • 70.1M total wireless subscribers, after netting 2.7M this Q (Sprint lost 1M)
  • churn is 1.7%
  • Total wireless revenues are $11.4 billion or 37% of revenue!
  • It cost $9.4B to make that $11.4B
  • 231,000 subs to the U-verse IPTV service
  • Total high-speed Internet connections, including DSL, U-verse and satellite (Wildblue), up by 396,000 to reach 14.2 million.
  • Business services are at $3.1B -- broadband connectivity, Managed Internet and VPN services.

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