Wednesday, January 09, 2008

K-Mart Rant

Kevin Martin spoke at the Rainbow Push Coalition to tell Jesse Jackson & Co. how wonderful he is. (You can read the full text here). Martin has it in for Cable. Maybe they didn't give his son any presents at Christmas. I don't know. But at this point it is so blatant as to make him a clown.

He has decided to Probe Comcast's Alleged Blocking Of File Sharing, while AT&T announces at CES that it will push Internet Piracy Filters in its network this year.

Now from his speeches (This could be from any speech because he is repetitive as heck, but it is actually from the Rainbow):

The Commission has also taken steps to address skyrocketing cable rates. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that cable rates have risen faster than the rate of any other communications service. But you might not know how significant that disparity is. The average cost of the expanded cable package (the standard cable package) almost doubled from 1995 to 2005—increasing 93%–while the cost of other communication services didn’t just increase less, they fell. Long distance calls, wireless telephone calls, international calls – the price for all these services decreased significantly. Why the difference? The cable industry needs more competition.

First, my local dial-tone has not gone down in price. In fact, it has increased. That is entirely his fault for letting VZ do whatever it wants!

Second, cable rates have increased because of Content Pricing. In 10 years, ESPN went from 1 channel to 7. HBO has like 13. There are so many channels I would never watch, that I wish for a la carte pricing. But that won't work because, in short, prices per channel would increase your bill and many channels would go out of business. How effective would it be if QVC or HSN wasn't thrown in? Would anyone pay to shop?

If he worked for any other Administration he would be gone by now, but K-Mart is the perfect example of how new data and facts are not allowed into this Administration. Look at the thousands of public comments about media ownership that he totally ignored to give Big Media what they wanted. This is OUR government. These are OUR airwaves. K-Mart needs to re-read the charter for the FCC. One more year of this crap.

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