Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Can I get SIP with my Hard Drive?

I have to wonder how this will play out.

"Tech Data's resellers will now be able to offer XO SIP, a converged voice and data service for businesses with IP-PBX systems delivered over a single, high-speed connection. A bundled solution combining XO SIP service with Cisco Unified Communications solutions will also be available."

XO has about 4000 agents out selling their service (the last number I heard from their VP in 2006). That doesn't include AE's. Agents and AE's have access to support and training. What would the VAR selling from Tech Data have? Many VAR's use Tech Data as a virtual warehouse, plugging the TD API into their web engine to sell thousands of IT parts, drop shipped from TD warehouses.

Will XO with TD be able to sell Integrated T1's this way? We'll be watching.

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